No(w) Saxophone

In No(w) Saxophone, the latest edition for part-time art education and amateur musicians, saxophone player Peter Verdonck and MATRIX have compiled 8 contemporary pieces for saxophone. This selection deals with ‘extended techniques’, possibilities for personal interpretations, creativity and collective playing pleasure. From roaring engine-like sounds, timbre thrills and quartertones to downright ‘key-games’, this is a true exploration of the new world of the saxophone!

No(w) Saxophone


  • Ward De Vleesschouwer: Pidgeon Post (2013) for tenor saxophone and piano
  • Peter Verdonck: Car rapide - Senegal (2011) for alto or tenor saxophone and piano
  • Peter Verdonck: Hot Coco Solo (2017) for saxophone solo
  • Marilyn Shrude: Kantada (2004) for alto saxophone and piano
  • Philip Glass: Melodies (1995) for saxophone
  • Hallveig Guòny Kolsöe Ágústsdóttir: So many ways (3 scores) (2004) for saxophone solo
  • Juan María Solare: La beauté du geste (2004) for saxophone (keys only)
  • Juan María Solare: Partikeln (2004) for saxophone solo


Feel free to download the entire publication and share at your discretion with your fellow colleagues. MATRIX is offering this collection of scores free of charge. Any commercial reproduction is strictly prohibited.

On special request, we can offer presentations and educational workshops based on this collection. Feel free to contact us.