Contemporary Music in Flanders Series

Publication series 'Contemporary Music in Flanders' In 2004, MATRIX published the first volume of the series Contemporary Music in Flanders. Each volume covers one specific genre and consists of a detailed inventory, a major essay, some articles about particular works and a CD. This series was co-produced by Flanders Music Centre.

A digital version of all publications can be downloaded below. From the fifth volume onwards, a Dutch version of the text was also made available.

Volume 1

Flemish String Quartets since 1950


Volume 2

Flemish Piano Music since 1950


Volume 3

Flemish Symphonic Music since 1950


Volume 4

Flemish Ensemble Music since 1950

Volume 5

Flemish Music Theatre since 1950

Volume 6

Flemish Tape Music since 1950

Volume 7

Flemish Chamber Music since 1950

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