Getekende Klanken

In 2012, MATRIX [New Music Centre] celebrated its 10th birthday. Since its opening in 2002, MATRIX had grown to be a important documentation centre on music composed since 1950, holding a unique collection of over 24.000 scores and 13.000 audio recordings. The collection is the point of departure for two other areas of activity: musical heritage and educational activities. To celebrate this 10th anniversary, MATRIX published 'Getekende Klanken': a publication on the most important graphic scores from our collection.


Getekende Klanken is available in Dutch only.

It contains articles on works by e.g. Luciano Berio, John Cage, Cornelius Cardew and Earle Brown.

Contributions by Kristof Boucquet, Jan Christiaens, Klaas Coulembier, Mark Delaere, Rebecca Diependaele, Pauline Driesen, Peter Jacquemyn, Philip Meersman, Maarten Quanten, Elise Simoens and Katrien Vercauter.

This book is currently out of print, but we do have a copy in our library.