About us

Music is by definition a human means of expression, which manifests itself in the ‘now’. That is exactly where MATRIX [New Music Centre] wants to be: MATRIX keeps a finger on the pulse of the contemporary music scene. Just like the culture and ecosystem we live in, this musical scene is in constant motion. And we are moving along!

Being passionate collectors and researchers, we map out existing tendencies and reflect on the meaning of music as a contemporary form of art. Our activities as a library and documentation centre have been awarded ‘Best for Classical Music’ by THE WORD. Rooted in the awareness that the compositions of today can turn into endangered heritage tomorrow, we pursue a proactive heritage policy. We consider the challenges of conservation and stock-taking, while continuing to develop projects that make our collection available to an audience as wide as possible.

Being explorers and inventors, we are constantly scouting the great potential that contemporary music has to offer for music education. Music teachers, schools, musicians, concert and festival organizations and the public can rely on MATRIX in their quest for information and educational guidance. MATRIX wants to contribute to a cultural awareness that helps to overcome prejudices against the ‘other’ and reticence about the unknown.

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