No(w) Guitar

Guitarist Nico Couck and MATRIX [New Music Centre] have collected five pieces for one or more guitars for this publication. The pieces were not conceived with a pedagogical aim, however we feel they be performed by young and/or beginning music students. Throughout this compilation, young musicians are introduced to various extended techniques, contemporary instrument preparations, the use of a click-track and multimedial set-ups. We hope that the selected pieces and the attached demonstration videos will contribute to many hours of creative, well-enjoyed guitar playing. Either way there is no doubt that after reviewing this five-part collection a can of sardines, a plastic knife, a dog whistle or a cannister of compressed air will never look the same again!




Ida Lundén: dadodado (2003) for guitar

Julien Malaussena: Introduction au timbre et à l’énergie– chapitre I. Projection/évacuation de lénergie (2014) for 3 guitars

Dan Tramte: Degradative Interference for guitar and video

Johannes Kreidler: Reversibility comes first (2012) for 2 guitars

Simon Steen-Andersen: Study for string instrument #3 (2011) for guitar, tape, and video


Feel free to download the entire publication and share at your discretion with your fellow colleagues. MATRIX is offering this collection of scores free of charge. Any commercial reproduction is strictly prohibited.

On special request, we can offer presentations and educational workshops based on this collection. Feel free to contact us.

Instruction video's

Ida Lundén

Julien Malaussena

Dan Tramte

Johannes Kreidler

Additional performance material (e.g. click-tracks) are available here.