Parcoeur – Contemporary music by and for students in part-time art education.

During Parcoeur, Handelsbeurs Gent is transformed into a labyrinth of miraculous sounds and creations. Music schools send out their pupils, not only to surprise the audience with wayward performances of existing works, but also allowing for self-made compositions and improvisations, cross-overs and experiments with new technologies.

A guide takes you through the spectacle, leading all the way through the parcours to the ‘grand finale’.


Parcoeur 2021

The second edition of Parcoeur happened on Sunday 7 March 2021. As in 2019, we transformed the Handelsbeurs in Ghent into a labyrinth of miraculous sounds and creations. Several music schools sent their pupils to surprise the (virtual) audience with inspiring performances of existing compositions, but also with new inventions, improvisations, cross-over performances and experiments with new technologies.

The full concert video could be seen through Sound of Ghent and will soon be available on our YouTube Channel. Below is a short impression.

Parcoeur 2021 was possible though the support of the Flemish Government.

Parcoeur 2020

Parcoeur 2020 was planned for Saturday 14 March 2020, but was cancelled due to the Covid-crisis.

Parcoeur 2019

Parcoeur is a cooperation between MATRIX  and Handelsbeurs Concertzaal and takes place this year on Saturday afternoon, the 16th of March 2019. Parcoeur starts with an ictus of short performances and installations. The main event takes the shape of a journey along different locations in the building. The whole event will be concluded with a finale in which all young musicians will participate. The finale will, in this case, be a 'massage sonore’ for the entire public.


Previous editions

Until 2018, Parcoeur was known in slightly different guise as Mini Blind Date. Our YouTube channel contains many impressions of this event.