3 x new

New music in the 21st century, new media and new audiences

Art music in our young 21st century often has a multidisciplinary character: stage direction, light design and scenography are brought to the concert stage, and the concept of ‘music theatre’ is approached much broader in comparison to classical opera. Technology is omnipresent as well, including computer software, videos and even social media as essential to the artistic toolbox of composers.

Focus on four artistic anchors

Within this hyper-diverse field, MATRIX searches for possible connections with the general audience in order to get more people acquainted with the music written today. We have selected four themes. (1) New music and video, (2) new music and interactivity, (3) new music and theatre and (4) the virtual concert hall.

Guest courses and workshops

Through guest courses and tailor-made workshops, we want to encourage the young and old to get their feet wet and by dipping them into the new music pool. Composers and musicians take centre stage in this process: better than anyone else, they are able to offer an authentic introduction to their music.

Nieuwe muziek en video

New music & video

Nieuwe muziek en interactiviteit

New music & interactivity

New music and theatre

New music & theatre


The virtual concert hall


Rebecca Diependaele - general coordinator
Ann Eysermans – artistic coordinator
Melissa Portaels - library


The project '3x new' is realized with the support of Cera. Thanks to their efforts, we can organize ten free guest courses on each theme.

With about 400.000 associates, Cera is one of the largest cooperations in Belgium. Cera brings together people, resources and organisations, joins forces, takes initiatives and realises valuable projects with a clear ambition: investing together in prosperity and welfare. You can also be a part of Cera! Check www.cera.coop