Thomas R. Moore & Nadar Summer Academy perform John Cage

23/10/2019 17:00 18:00

Imagine a music piece without conventional rules or restrictions. Suddenly everything a performer does on stage is on an equal footing and each action is as artistically significant as another. Everything, including opening the piano, changing mutes, removing parts of the instruments, playing toys, (re)moving (tuning) slides, breathing and conventional playing techniques such as striking keys, making crescendos, attacks and articulations etc.
John Cage’s openly modular piece ‘Concert for Piano and Orchestra’ is a fascinating and demanding piece for musicians and represents a turning point in performance practice.

The piece is performed twice by the young performers (aged 14-20) of the Nadar Summer Academy 2019, and is conducted by Thomas Moore (Nadar Ensemble). In collaboration with MATRIX Centrum voor Nieuwe Muziek
This is a drop-in drop-out concert. In the tradition of Fluxus there is no specific seating. You are also free to roam around the room.
Don’t miss Hpschd: 5 hours of John Cage in the same venue.

Location: Tempelgebouw, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp
Price: free of charge

This event is part of ARTICULATE, the research festival of the Royal Conservatoire and Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.
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