No(w) Brass


Whether its Gabrieli, Sousa, the famous Arban’s studies, the music of Star Wars or the multitudes of original wind ensemble compositions: young brass players are regularly exposed to an incredibly wide range of music. But contemporary classical music? For teachers, finding experimental repertoire suitable for their students is often like looking for a needle in a haystack.

When putting together No(w) Brass, we tried to give each of the various brass instruments a place. Many pieces can also be played on other instruments than those mentioned or can easily be rearranged. In a work like Stained Glass Music, the instrumentation mentioned is no more than a suggestion which teachers and ensembles are free to use or adapt.

Above all, we hope that No(w) Brass offers a pleasant introduction to new music in all its aspects. We selected scores that can serve as a starting point, but above all, we want to encourage experimentation. Feedback is therefore very welcome.

Finally, MATRIX is happy to act as a helpline. We are happy to answer any questions that might arise en cours de route, and we can offer support in realising projects that arise from the use of this collection of scores.


This publication is available in Dutch and English.

Feel free to download the entire publication and share at your discretion with your fellow colleagues. MATRIX is offering this collection of scores free of charge. Any commercial reproduction is strictly prohibited.

On special request, we can offer presentations and educational workshops based on this collection. Feel free to contact us.