Browsing the collection

Four tips to find what you’re looking for!

1. Know what you're looking for

Start your search with a suitable keyword. If you precisely know what you’re looking for, the best way to find it is to enter the family nameof the author or composer and a part of the title.

The Limo music catalogue searches three different music collections in Leuven: MATRIX, LUCA School of Arts campus Lemmens and the musicology collection in Artes Erasmushuis. By selecting MATRIX, you’ll refine your search to what is available in our library.

2. Filter and refine

All search results appear in a on relevance ordered list.

It’s possible to refine the search results with the filters at the left column of your window. For example, you can search in a specific type of document: Books, Audiovisual materials, Scores, etcetera.

If you know the year of publication or composition, you can restrict your search to a certain period. Do not forget to click on ‘Refine’ again. If you’re looking for a score, you can refine the results on to instrumentation level.

3. What, and where?

You’ll get more information by clicking on Location and Details.
Beneath the tab Location you’ll see the library and callnumber where the item is located. The staff member in the library can help you find the work. Beneath the tab Details you’ll find more bibliographic information about the work.

4. Journals

Are you looking for a(n) (article in a) journal? The best way is to search on the title of the journal.

MATRIX has current subscriptions on Musiktexte, Positionen and The Wire, and has developed an interesting collection specialized journals in the past.

Didn't find what you're looking for? Contact our librarian.