LENS Nicholas (1957)

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Not currently available in English


List of works

Music theatre: The Accacha Chronicles (trilogie) for soprano, tenor, contra-tenor, mezzo soprano, bariton, bas, male actor, small choir, mixed choir, and chamber orchestra, part 1: Flamma Flamma – The Fire Requiem (1994), part 2: Terra Terra – The Aquarius Era (1999), part 3: Amor Aeternus – Hymns of Love (2005); Slow Man (in production); Ame Nue (in production)

Chamber music: Orrori Dell’ Amore songs for soprano, bariton, contra tenor, and chamber orchestra (1995), includes i.a. Was hast du mit meinem Herz getan? for coloratura soprano; The Puppet Designer for baritone and chamber orchestra (2005) (working title: Ikh bin keyn eydes nit gevezn); Wired for harp and soprano (2006); Naked Soul, a 3-o 4 4 women (2007)

Film: Orrori Dell’ Amore (1995) in Marie Antoinette is not dead (1996); Flamma Flamma (1994) in Flamma Flamma (1994); Amor Aeternus (2005) in Love is the only master I’ll serve (2006); The sorrow of Serena (in production)



– ORRORI DELL’ AMORE, Sony Classical SK 62016, 1995
– FLAMMA FLAMMA – THE FIRE REQUIEM, Sony/Bmg 74321 697172, 1994
– TERRA TERRA – THE AQUARIUS ERA, Sony/Bmg 74321 697182, 1999
– AMOR AETERNUS – HYMNS OF LOVE, Sony/Bmg 82876 66238 2, 2005
– THE ACCACHA CRONICLES, Sony/Bmg Classics 82876 66239 2, 2005



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