100% Belgian Music / 100% written after 1830

04/03/2020 --> 07/03/2020

Belgian Music Days 2020 is the second edition of a biannual festival focused on promoting and enhancing Belgian classical music, jazz and cross-over repertoire from 1830 to today. In almost 30 concerts in four days the diversity and quality of Belgian classical music is explored with special attention for music of living composers. Also our exhibition ‘Nobody is perfect! (Luc Brewaeys Sixty)’ is included in the festival, for the occasion in a French translation.

In 2018 the Belgian Music Days were created by a group of musical partners from all 3 cultural communities of Belgium, with the goal to bring these communities closer together around a common musical repertoire. MATRIX, as the ISCM Flemish Section, is a member of this consortium.

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